The Drunken Mother and the Angelic Husband

The thing about babies is: they are not very sympathetic to hangovers. They still wake up at the breakabreaka dawn and they expect to see you waltzing into their room to sweep them up with a smile on your face. You can’t very well stumble in holding your head and ask them to be quiet – it’s not their fault that mama had a little too much drinkydrink the night before at the Wilco show. It’s not The Boy’s fault that Mama stayed out until 6 and a half hours before The Boy’s rise and shine time.

It is helpful when one has both a baby and a hangover that one also has an Angelic Husband. The Angelic Husband is a breed rarely found in the animal kingdom, one who unselfishly drives the Drunken Mother to said Wilco show, goes to the bar and buys her drinks, drives her and her drunken friends to a bar after the show to become even more inebriated, drops friends off at their homes safe and sound, and then makes sure the Drunken Mother takes two Ibuprofen and a whole glass of water before bed. Most importantly, the Angelic Husband gets up with The Boy in the morning, even though it isn’t his turn, and even though he stayed out just as late, and didn’t even have the pleasure of drowning out the sound of his drunken wife’s voice with drinking of his own.

The Drunken Mother owes the Angelic Husband one.


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