The Heart of the Mama Bear

I voted today. I hadn’t planned to, but my husband and I realized that we were supposed to fly back from Miami the day of the election and that we could do an absentee vote at our local county office. So, I hopped in the car with the baby, and we picked my husband up to go vote during his lunch break.

It was a pleasant experience, overall. I had the usual rush of adrenaline and pride. “Look at me and my good citizenship! I made a difference!’

Or at least, that was my initial feeling. Until I slid the card in the machine and the big choice popped up right away. There they were. All I really had to do was choose the lesser of two evils. I mean, last election, I voted Libertarian. Do I consider myself a member of the Libertarian party? No. I’m an Independent. Those Libertarians are CRAP on the environment. No way I would align myself with such utter disregard for the natural world.

But this election is a little different. There is just plain more at stake this time around. In 2000, I was just a young lady planning a wedding. Sure, I thought I was stressed out, but really, I didn’t have a care in the world. But these days, there are evil men struggling with all their black hearts to bring grievous harm to Americans. And by Americans, I mean MY BABY.

How could I “throw my vote away” by voting for the Libertarian candidate? This year, more than any other year that I have voted, my vote needs to count. So, I have spent the past year going over and over in my mind the comparison of my two choices:

Kerry: I just don’t agree with much on the Democratic platform. Welfare? Chuck it. Taxes? Please. No way is he going to lower them! Okay, so he wants to save some Alaskan land and animals. Yeah, I’m all for it. But that is still not the thing to base my entire vote on. I really have one responsibility and one priority. My son. There is NO WAY I think this guy is capable of protecting my son and my country. Now, Theresa? She might actually be capable! But her poodle of a husband? I think not. Plus, let’s be honest? Does anyone want a President with a face this long? He looks like a horse.

Bush: Do I think he mislead the American people into Iraq? No. Do I think that it was a good thing to go into Iraq? No. Do I think he needs to show some humbleness and just say he’s sorry that he got us into this mess? Hell, yes, he does! But I truly do believe that this man has some beliefs and he is running the country by them, and that’s a lot more than we can say for vacillating ole Kerry. What does Kerry believe? Whatever he is saying at the moment. But I just can’t get over the fact that Bush, whom I really don’t want to believe is really stupid, can’t understand the uncertain terms in which SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE are laid out in the Constitution. And then there is “the A-word.” No, I don’t want a bunch of people in Washington making decisions about my plumbing. Period.

So, what did it come down to? That’s right, the old voting for the lesser of two evils. I looked at the two names there, Bush and NotBush. My finger hovered over their names as if over THE button, waiting to set off WWIII, while I thought of one thing: My precious son, laughing two machines over in my husband’s arms as he voted.

I pressed Badnarik, Libertarian candidate. I voted what I believed. And somehow, I think I served my son well with my vote.


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