• Oh, dear. Well, it looks like she has framed the face nicely so it should be fairly easy for your hairdresser to shape it up into a little bob in the back that layers up to her bangs.

  • Oh my. Did she cut a chunk out of her bangs? What a fun challenge for your hairdresser.

  • :'(

    I will cry when that day comes. Your darling little girl is cute no matter what, but in your shoes, I will probably cry. (I say ‘will’ b/c of Aubrey’s fascination with scissors and hair cuts.)

  • Oh my Anne, this is priceless! She has so many “styles” going! Thanks for sharing!

  • yeah, carrie, it really wouldn’t be bad except for the butchered forehead. Gonna take a while to grow that baby out.

    Adrienne, there is definitely a moment where i almost burst into tears, but then I try to think about which battles i want to fight, and I don’t want to crush her little spirit. Big spirit?

  • Holy crap- you have Matt, Fiona, and I laughing really hard. Definitely not a battle to take on- look at it as expressing her creativity:)

  • Fuckin’ rock and roll man! Hand her a guitar and tell her to start playing some Ziggy Stardust covers.

  • Yeah, I remember cutting my own hair the day before Easter. I think my mom cried. I looked awesome. All the 3 year old chicks were checking me out up at the children’s sermon.

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