So, I have the most awesomest sister in the world. She worked a twelve hour shift yesterday, wiping geriatric butts, then rushed over to watch my kids so that I could go out and play trivia. Then, she got up with them, fed and dressed them, and took them to school so I could sleep late. Oh, and she is knocked up, so she did it without copious amounts of coffee. What an amazement.

We did okay at trivia last night, and came in third, but I was a little disappointed that we blew the first place lead we carried through the first two rounds. Much fun was had, though, and our all-girls team picked up a few male scabs and . . . well, we didn’t really need them, but it was good to see them. There has been much discussion about whether our trivia team should be open to males or if it is a girls’ only night, and so the desegregation was not bad at all. I even picked up one very funny naked skateboarding story. You can’t beat that.

On to the questions, if i can remember them:

Round 1 –

  1. ATL sports: What is the name of the now defunct professional women’s soccer team in Atlanta?
  2. Barbie: What year was Barbie introduced, within two years:
  3. Bond: What was the name of the last Sean Connery Bond film?
  4. US Capitals: What is the capital of North Dakota?
  5. U2: What was U2’s first full-length release on Island records (hint: 1980):

Bonus: Name the two actors who played Bo and Luke Duke in the recent movie.

Round 2 –

  1. What article of clothing did the invention of the bra replace?
  2. Classical Music: Who wrote the Brandenburg Concerto? (There might be more to this question, but if there is, I don’t remember)
  3. Metal: Kevin Dubrow died this week. What metal band did he front?
  4. East Atlanta Village: What happens at the former location of the Kingfisher school on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings?
  5. Gods: What is the name of the Egyptian sun god?

Bonus: Name the four members of the Walsh family on Beverly Hills 90210.

Round 3 –

  1. Math: What is the cube root of 152?
  2. Authors – Who wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
  3. Cel Phones – What is Boost Mobile a subsidiary of?
  4. Plague – Within ten million, how many people died during the middle ages’ Black Plague?
  5. Cartoonists – Name of the comic written by Berkeley Brethed that spawned another comic strip called Outland?

Bonus – Name the three members of Run DMC. (Either their stage names or real names.)

Final Round –

  1. VPs – Who was the first vice president?
  2. Video Games – What classic video game company created the game Centipede?
  3. Wildlife – What is the only place on earth where alligators and crocs coexist in the wild?
  4. acronyms – What does MARTA stand for?
  5. Beer – Which has the fewest calories? Coors Light, Bud Light, or Miller Light?

Bonus – What are the top five films of all time, based on unadjusted gross receipts?


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