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Because I was picking cotton today, I was reminded that my sister and I have our own language. As our friend Harris famously once said, “You guys are freakishly close.” How well do you know me and Leelee? Do you know the meaning of these words and phrases? Waggy Butt whermp salmon cotton catface strap on the feedbag We should… Read more →


So, I have the most awesomest sister in the world. She worked a twelve hour shift yesterday, wiping geriatric butts, then rushed over to watch my kids so that I could go out and play trivia. Then, she got up with them, fed and dressed them, and took them to school so I could sleep late. Oh, and she is… Read more →

Freakishly Close

I met my sister at the dog park yesterday morning. We spent over an hour together. Afterwards, having just said goodbye to each other in the parking lot at Piedmont Park, I picked up the cel phone to call my sister as I pulled out of the lot. I had forgotten to mention something very important to her. Her: Hey.… Read more →