We came in 4th by one measly point. We were in first, but spectacularly blew the lead with our ill-advised wagering. Still fun, though. Here goes:

Round 1 –

  1. Beer: # of ounces in a Foster’s oil can of beer.
  2. Billionaires: Founder of the Virgin corporate empire.
  3. South Park: What year did South Park premiere?
  4. Car Companies: What is the parent company of Lexus?
  5. Presidents: Who is the most recent President to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
  6. Bonus – Dekalb County: The position Vernon Jones currently holds and the position he is seeking.

Round 2 –

  1. Booze: Jagermeister translates to the English for ______.
  2. Civil War: Where did Lee surrender to Grant?
  3. EAV: The year that the Gravity Pub originally opened, within one year:
  4. Great albums of the past: What did Rolling Stone say was the record of the decade for the 80’s?
  5. Heavy Metal: What is the name of Motley Crue’s first album?
  6. Bonus: Who were the three original members of the band Nirvana?

Round 3:

  1. Movies: What George Lucas film made only 750,000 at the box office, but is the most profitable film in Hollywood history?
  2. Napoleon Dynamite: What is Napoleon Dynamite’s brother’s name?
  3. Polka: Who is the “American Polka King?” (Hint: He shares a name with an accordion-playing pop star.)
  4. U.S. Capitals: What is the capital of Montana?
  5. Art History: What artist created “Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jette” (sp?)?
  6. Bonus – 80s Sitcoms: Name the four actresses who played the leads on The Golden Girls.

Round 4:

  1. TV Commercials: What was Mr. Whipple’s catchphrase?
  2. Simpsons: What Star Wars figure from Ralph Wigam’s (sp?) diorama was broken when he fell?
  3. Sports: What NFL team holds the record for the most points scored in a single season?
  4. TV: What tv show features characters named: Dennis, Frank, Mac, Charlie, and Sweet D?
  5. Band Names: The band Nerf Herder took their name from a line in what 80s movie?
  6. Bonus – Baseball: What 5 franchises have the most World Series wins?

I think we only missed six of these. How did you do?

One Response to “Trivia”

  1. Lee Lee says:

    1) 16?
    2) Richard Branson
    3) 96?
    4) Toyota
    5) Carter
    6) ceo of dekalb co. no idea what position he is after.
    1) master hunter
    2) appomattox
    3) 96
    6) krist novoselic
    kurt cobain
    dave grohl
    1) e.t.
    4) helena
    5) seurat
    6) betty white, bea arthur, celeste getty and ??

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