WAHM Perks

So, I bitch a lot about staying at home with my kids. It is exhausting being a stay-at-home mom, and even more difficult when you work from home. I don’t work a ton of hours, but I do some freelance Technical Writing, editing, etc. Just a little something to keep me current, and to bring in a little extra dough.

Sometimes, though, I am reminded of how lucky I am, even though I don’t make a ton of money, and it usually takes me twice as long to do things as it would if I had no kids “helping me.”

Like this morning, for instance. I was editing a ColdFusion test, and decided to take a break. When I say, “decided” i mean that the kids came upstairs and starting trying to kill each other, and I thought I should distract them. I had just the thing.
PJs, Paper Planes
Prince, Princess, Kandinsky Ripoff
I need to remind myself every so often that the Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM) job description includes such awesome perks as:

  • Working in PJs until lunchtime
  • Opportunity to expand knowledge of paper airplane design, engineering, and manufacture
  • Occasional payment in Art
  • Not too bad.

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    4 Responses to “WAHM Perks”

    1. Steph says:

      and don’t forget:

      Impromptu singing
      Actual sight of your kids doing fun stuff, rather than someone sending you a photo.

    2. Dogwood Girl says:

      Good points. Steph.

      Impromptu singing during conference calls
      Dress up including mama’s new lipstick, which ends up on newly painted walls.
      Actual sights and sounds of children trying to kill each other on rainy days.

    3. Laurie says:

      It’s a good thing there are some shining moments in this crazy thing called being a work at home mom! Cause when I looked at how little money I’ve really made this year and think of how hard it is sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed!

      It is worth it though, right?!!

    4. Dogwood Girl says:

      Exactly, Laurie. Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog – v. interesting. Funny, too, because I was just reading an article about Virtual Assistants in the paper this weekend!

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