We Are All Some Sexy Motherfuckers

Todd made a little fun of me for tearing up while Prince did his Super Bowl half-time show finale. But seriously, like, have you never seen Purple Rain?

That performance brings back all the pain and the Mom and Dad stuff, and feelings about Apollonia, and always being second best to Morris Day and The Time, and taking it out on Wendy and Lisa, and on the song they wrote, and on the rest of The Revolution, like Dr. Guy, and you could just let it destroy you, how angry your are, wearing your purple and being short and driving a motorcycle to compensate for it.

But when Prince performs that on stage, it is total catharsis. For all of us. We are all forgiven and cleansed and now we’re hanging out in Miami with the NFL, and a marching band, and wearing some Aunt Jemima thing on our head, and a suit bordering frighteningly on Florida Gator colors, and you know what? We can pull it off, cause we’re Sexy Motherfuckers.

Love me some Prince.

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  • The Aunt Jemima description is so right on, that is exactly the words that came out of my mouth when I saw it on his head. And how bout when he tossed it to the crowd? How old is he anyway? We were commenting that he has been around a good 20 years probably, and still looks good.

  • Dot, he still looks damn good, and he could be 80 years old and still up there shaking that ass, shaking that ass, and I would be crying. He is everything that an entertainer and artist should be and everyone else seems . . . so fake and untalented in comparison.

    I might wear a Jemima tomorrow. You in?

  • The do-rag was to keep the hair looking sexy in the rain. Notice that he tossed it when Purple Rain began.

    Whoo Hooo Hoo Hoo

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