Good Day Sunshine

Woke up yesterday with a slight headache, but once I had lunch I felt fine. Spent the whole day outside with the family. Todd (finally) put up my Bulldog bird feeder. I moved Eddie Rabbit back to the edge of the treeline in the backyard, so that he will peek out at us on the patio. We cleaned the patio off, and I moved my new planters where I wanted them. We put out more birdfeed. Checked on the hydrangea I put in (it was one of my birthday gifts). Hung some wind chimes. Todd cleared out a huge section of our ivy and some ugly bushes (no idea what they are, but neither of us particularly like them). Talked about ideas for bed plantings in the future. Looked at bulbs starting to poke up through the ground. Oohed and aahhhed over the yellow crocus popping up around my Redbud. Picked up sticks. Poured pea gravel in the walk near the garage where we get a lot of runoff.

All the while, the kiddos ran around doing a “scavenger hunt” in the yard that I set up before we started. Then, Todd showered and we took the kids to St. Bede’s for some bike riding. One thing I hate about my house is that my street is a cut-through and jerks drive over the hill two houses up from me so fast that the kids wouldn’t have time to get out of the way of a car speeding. Our driveway is too steep to really ride. So, we take them to the park, or to the cul-de-sac up the street to ride. St. Bede’s is the best, though. A large, flat, shaded parking lot where the kids can ride in big sweeping circles. Rollie has gotten great at riding without the training wheels and Tiller is a daredevil with her training wheels. She almost flips that bike over three or four times whenever we take her out. It is gut-wrenching and thrilling to watch them.

Came back home, had a beer while grilling chicken and asparagus, and then ate that with scalloped potatoes. Yum.

Good day. My kids watched ZERO television yesterday. I LOVE warm weather.

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6 Responses to “Good Day Sunshine”

  1. Steph says:

    I like Natalie’s cooler in the road idea. Maybe you could try that. Or, dork out and buy one of those “children playing” signs with the flag like my sister-in-law has.

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    It’s a good idea, but we would have to put the cooler up at the top of the hill. I have considered the buying of the sign, but I know todd would tease me mercilessly. I would really like to buy one for the top of the hill. I mean, basically, there is a blind spot for any driver coming over that hill, and we are IN the blind spot.

  3. Nikki says:

    Yesterday was our first day back to school after the break and a weekend of illness. I hooked up the trail-a-bike and we rode down to our “secret” beach and stayed until the sun went down (here that’s about 5:30.) I totally paid for it this morning – Piper is so tired and had a MAJOR meltdown. But it was worth it. We were both so happy sitting on that beach, tracing circles in the sand with sticks. Now it’s going to rain all week, and who knows when we’ll see the sun again up here. Could be May.

  4. Dogwood Girl says:

    I just don’t know how y’all live there. that weather would drive me nuts. Although the weather here this year has been much like that.

    Will be glad when my kids have control enough to get them out on bike trails and not endanger the general public. . .

  5. Nikki says:

    Vitamin D supplements. Lots of it them.

  6. Dogwood Girl says:

    Ah . . . so you have to dose up to live there. I get it.

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