Major League Debut

Last night, Todd came home with four tix to the Braves/Cubs game. For all of his efforts at avoiding attending the baseball game with his toddler son and 7-months pregnant wife, he could only find one other friend to go with him, so Rollie and I decided to take the two extra tickets. [evil laugh]

Todd had reservations about Rollie’s ability to handle a baseball experience that started at the same time Rollie usually goes to bed, but I just knew he would love it. Sure, he was a zombie at the end of the night, but by God, he was still awake!

Rollie loved the crowds, my Coca Cola, and crunching peanuts underfoot. The new lights that “spin” around the stadium dizzyingly kept him occupied for hours. There were a few homeruns and the Braves won, so he had the chance to see tons of fireworks out of a giant coke bottle, too! Rollie sat next to an old Braves fan and ate bbq in front of the huge bigscreen, and he really enjoyed watching mama and daddy doing the tomahawk chop. (He was way too cool to do the chop himself, but he sure did like the bugle music before everyone yells, “Charge!”)

Interestingly, Rollie’s major league debut coincided with the debut of a young kid named Jeff Francouer. It was his first game and he hit a three-run homer! He’s Rollie’s new favorite player!


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