The Ultimate Sacrifice

No, not that ultimate sacrifice. . . . I’m talking about the one where my husband kills the snake. That’s right, my total stud of a husband did not hesitate to defend his home and family from the looming threat of the snake.

For those that don’t me well, i have a small phobia of snakes. By phobia, i mean that i hate them and they should all die, and fuck the food web. No, seriously. When I am confronted with one, be it in nature, at the zoo, or on tv, the tie between mental and physical fear becomes obvious. I have a physical fear of them – i can absolutely feel my heart rate go up, and probably my blood pressure. I feel tense and sick when i see them. Anyway, there was a snake in the yard, I saw it out the window, Todd killed it with a shovel, and for two hours after that the parts were wiggling around in the yard. Meanwhile, i started having some crampiness/braxton hicks contractions – Maybe the two are not related, but it seems as if one caused the other.

Pretty freaky. But the point here is that i don’t believe my husband particularly likes snakes, or killing things, but that he did not hesitate when he realized must be done. That snake had to die, and he did the killin’. My hero.


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