My Likeness

I look at my children and – genetics are so strange – I see a lot of my dad in my son’s hair, and maybe some of me, too (curly, crazy). Tiller has straight and beautiful blonde hair that looks nothing like mine or Todd’s, although it is maybe the same texture as his. She and Rollie both have Todd’s exact same almond-shaped eyes, but Rollie’s are very, very dark, like my mother’s and Todd’s parents, and Tiller’s are lighter, maybe hazel, but more brown than mine, which are also hazel, but with a green tinge.

So, when people tell me Rollie looks just like Todd, I do see it, although his nature is completely Palmer. And Tiller, well, a lot of times people say she looks like me, and I never see that. And her sweet, good-naturedness is all Johnson, with maybe a little smidge from my Mom. Not a lick from me, obviously.

But looks? I have never noticed that we look much alike.

Until I happened to see these two photos next to each other on my Instagram (follow me, I want to see yours):

From left, Tiller, Dash, Me, Brody.

From left, Tiller, Dash, Me, Brody.

Oh good. That didn’t sound creepy at all.

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  1. Becky says:

    I see both you and Todd right there in her photo.
    We get that with Edie all the time – how she looks just like me. Actually, she’s got my coloring, but her dad’s features. And my dad’s feet.

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