Seven Months

Turns out I don’t post that often. I haven’t posted since finding out Iwas expecting! Well, it is month seven of the pregnancy. i am 27 weeks, and I am big as a house.

This baby (it’s a girl!) is quite the kicker. Much more so than Rollie was. I sometimes yell out and scare the shit out of Todd when she kicks a rib, or bladder, or down there. Ouch. Rollie is so laid back, I hope kick frequency and strength isn’t indicative of personality, or we are in trouble.

I haven’t had sciatica as bad as last time. Still have the occasional acid reflux, and I think I feel more tired, but that could be because this time I am chasing around a two-year old (who can now officially outrun me!) Overall, though, I am feeling great. I am not as stressed, and worrying less this time around. I am also a lot more behind in preparing for this baby than I was with Rollie. Funny how having one of these monsters puts it all into perspective.

Rollie is really growing – i can’t believe he will be two in August. It is like as soon as I had him, my whole life went into warp speed. I am happier than I have ever been before, though, and can’t wait to add in another kid to the mix. Should be interesting. . . .

Okay, I am REALLy going to try and post more. I swear.


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