So, I went to my midwife’s apptmt. She is awesome, and agreed totally that i needed to go back on glucophage for the PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and wrote me a script for that and the provera to jumpstart AF. Then, she had me do a blood test, just to rule out pg. She said to hold off on taking the provera till they called with the results this morning.

So, I’m fixing The Boy breakfast this a.m. the phone rings, but i let it go to answering machine, because i had my hands full. It is the midwife and she says, “Well, we got your results back and i think it’s good news. Please call me back when you get a chance. do not start the medication.”

So, i called back and she was on the phone with another patient.

She finally called me back an hour later. I’m pregnant.

I am very cautiously happy, very nervous, and a little in shock. I have had no symptoms (which of course is making me worry) and they know I had low progesterone with my first pregnancy and i am not having bloodwork done until Tuesday afternoon, which they seemed to think was fine, but of course seems like an eternity to me. So I am worried until my Tuesday apptmt. (2:45pm). Ack. I will also get an ultrasound that day, too. so of course i will be worried until then.

I have told DH and he is stopping to get milk on the way home for Rollie (we are supposed to have an ice storm here in atlanta tonight), and i told him to buy me a couple pg tests too. I will just feel reassured if I see the lines. I know that is a waste of money. Oh well.

I just can’t believe this happened this way. I don’t even know when i would be due – sometime in late sept, early to mid oct, i guess. . . sooo wish I had temped this time around.


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