Sweet Afterglow of Victory

Well, the annual “Temporarily Annul the Marriage Day” went better this year than last.

Georgia 37
Auburn 15

This season still sucks for a GA fan, and the sting of that god-awful Tennessee game and losses to Vandy and KY will never fade, but this does give one hope for next season. It can work.

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  • I want a screen capture of the orange-painted auburn fan wearing a referee shirt sitting in the stands. Oh, the bewildered look on his face…

  • LOL, Jason. . . that being said, I saw that look too many times this season on Dawg fans’ faces. It hits too close to home to make fun of it this year.

  • Hush with that crazy talk, I’m a Texas A&M fan. It’s like a dysfunctional relationship, they break my heart time and time again, yet I can’t let go or remain emotionally detached.

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