This Little Guy

Has grown into a little boy who can sound out words. I almost cried last night, I was so proud of him. He sounded out “Volcano” and “Valley” and almost got “Village” in our Caribbean Alphabet book. (Thanks, Lissa and Addie!) He would have gotten “Village” right, but that whole hard G/soft G (oooh, sounds dirty!) thing threw him off, so he thought it was pronounced “villagh.” I never realized how difficult and screwy English was until trying to explain the pronunciation of certain words to Rollie.

None of this would have been possible without the Best Bedtime-Story-Reading Daddy in the Whole Wide World, a Daddy who consistently reads to the kids almost every night, and does it with the most wonderful, sweet, indulgent temperament, when I am just ready to have the day be over, throw their asses in the bed fully clothed, and pour myself a glass of wine.

Parenting is a thankless job, but every once in a while, they throw you a bone. It is a nice day as a parent when you can say to yourself, “At least I know we are doing at least one thing right.”

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6 Responses to “This Little Guy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When we were reading the Caribbean alphabet the other night Rollie said, “Dad’s gonna teach me how to do the limbo”. I would LOVE to see Todd teach Rolls to limbo. How funny.

    Aunt Lisa

  2. Dogwood Girl says:

    LOL! That is because Rollie always says, ‘what is that?” and I always say, “Your Dada will show you.”


  3. Anonymous says:

    He asked me what it was too and I was like, “Umm…it’s a dance where you bend over backwards as far as you can to fit under the pole, blah blah blah” and it sounded so ridiculous when I was saying it! He was just staring at me waiting for me to start making sense.
    Lee Lee

  4. Dogwood Girl says:

    Pretty much how I feel all the time when I am explaining stuff to him.

  5. Shiney Hair says:

    Hard G/Soft G.
    so dirty.

  6. Dogwood Girl says:

    I know! Sounds dirty!

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