We Found It!

The proverbial Needle In a Haystack. The diamond in a very messy and large rough. My diamond. We found it.

I was picking veggies from the garden, and I came up to the carport and Todd and the kids were grinning like jackasses eating briars.

“Mama?” Todd said. “Remember when you said you would take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese if they found something for you?”

I knew right away what it was they had found, but I played dumb for effect. For the kiddos. I had promised them, in those first days after losing the diamond, when we were turning the house upside down, and going through the dirt in the vacuum cleaner, that if they found my diamond, I would take them to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“Did you find something?”

They made me close my eyes and hold out my hand. I did. They told me i could open. I did.

There was my engagement ring, diamond still missing, in the palm of my hand.

Wait. What? Where’s my diamond?!

Rollie walked over and put a gem in my hand.

I looked at Todd. “Where did you find it?” I said, amazed at how small it looked in my hand.

He had been moving the new mattress his parents gave us into Rollie’s room to replace Rollie’s old mattress. He lifted the old mattress up and found a piece of paper and my diamond. It is so small, it is a miracle that he saw it. I remembered, then, that one of the places that I remembered my ring hanging up on things was in Rollie’s room when I changed his sheets. It must have come off then.

What are the odds of getting a new mattress a month after losing your diamond and then finding the diamond under the old mattress? Was it God? Maybe. I waver between thinking there are no coincidences and thinking that life is all a series of hits and misses without any rhyme or reason. This definitely made me swing back to the side of fate and destiny and higher power. At least for a moment; For a moment, things seemed clear and magical at the same time.

“That’s it, isn’t it?” Todd said.

“Yeah, I think so.” Diamonds look different when they aren’t in the setting. In all honesty, it kind of looked fake.

“It kind of looks fake, though, doesn’t it?” Todd said.

“Yeah, kind of.”

But I set it in the prongs of my ring and it fit perfectly.

We went inside and the kids celebrated “their” find. I put my arms around my husband and hugged him and remembered how wonderful it is that he asked me to marry him. I have not ever, not once, ever regretted saying, “Yes.” It is the most important “Yes” i ever uttered. Then, we all ate dinner together.

And that’s how, after seven years of parental avoidance, yet another wall came down, another line crossed, and I finally had to break down and take the kids to Fuck E. Cheese’s.

SkeeBall is still fun. The pizza is still disgusting.

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