I Might Be Having Courtney’s Baby

So, I haven’t been blogging much. For one thing, Georgia broke my heart and my will and I could barely lift a finger to play Bejeweled, much less write something, after the demoralizing loss of Saturday. I didn’t even get around to writing Tiller’s annual birthday post (get those tissues ready, ladies), due to complete and utter house renovation/in-laws/birthday party/my parents/work/laundry/vacation packing fucking chaos in my life.

But at least I’m not trying to conceive during football season. Jesus. What a losing battle. Especially this season. I will say this: Even in the depths of despair, when the world seems to be crumbling around you, or at least around your football team, it is comforting to know that someone gets you. Courtney, if you can’t conceive, I will carry your baby for you, sweetie. You speak to my soul.

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  • Lisa, I speak for both Court and I when I say that we do not want to imagine breeding Gator babies.

    I punch that gator mobile whenever mark isn’t looking, and I hum Glory, Glory to Dash when I put him down. I hate that one day i will have to turn my back on my own nephew.

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