The 80’s Comb

You thought this was going to be some fun post about 80s hairstyles [Robin, I'm lookin' at you], and oh, are you going to be disappointed. It’s a post about a comb. From the 80s. No, I am not kidding you.

See, we were talking about 80s stuff at a girls’ night recently, and somehow Todd’s comb came up.

We're taking it on Antiques Roadshow next time they come around.

We're taking it on Antiques Roadshow next time they come around.

I am pretty sure it is the comb that he had in middle school or high school, because I remember people having similar ones, TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO.

What is truly funny about this is that I started dating Todd eleven years ago this week (we met on February the 13th, 1999) and I think i laughed once or twice about this comb, like, “haha, couldn’t afford a new comb, huh?” and then somehow, i just started using the comb when I was spending the night over there, and one day, the comb was not funny to me anymore, and now i use the comb from 1986, and don’t even think twice about it, and that is just sad, and some kind of even sadder comment on what marriage does to a girl.

Like I’m so downtrodden that I can’t even buy my own damn modern day comb. And if i did buy one, it wouldn’t be aqua, white, and pink, that’s for dang sure.

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  • Makes me think of when my dad use to tell me how old his jeans or underwear were. Something like “Hell, I’ve got underwear older than you, girl.” Just think what Todd can tell your kids about that comb. It’s definitely one of those weird things about aging when suddenly you look around and realize that you have things that are older than your kids and you don’t feel old enough to have dishes that are 14 (as ours are). It just doesn’t seem possible.

  • If I did not drop my brush from middle/high school in the toilet one day, it would still be with me.

  • I have that comb in teal with pink and white accents. It’s missing the same tooth piece, too.

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