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All in All Okay

Day 2 of Todd Johnson’s two week absence: # of hours slept last night: maybe 6? #book reports completed: 0 # cat poops cleaned off carpet: 2 # cats still living: 2 # pissed off neighbors: 1 # of favors owed Lauren Sullivan Shankman and Scott Shankman: 4 # times i cried about 9/11: 3 # of nights i’ve gone… Read more →


The Boy Who Smashed My Snow Globe

At about 5:20, nine years ago today, this little guy came into my life. He totally picked it up like it was a snow globe, turned it around, shook it up. Really, i think the globe just busted wide open, and shattered into a million pieces, catching the summer afternoon light as they skittered across the floor. He really did… Read more →

Spring Break 2012

We did the Spring Break thing. A few days on Hilton Head (Todd had a shoot this week: Bad advertising world! Bad!) and then we did the lake for Easter with the whole family. About 24 hours of my family in one small 2BR lakehouse is all I can take, no matter how much I love them. I think this… Read more →