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The Blends Project

Anybody else get this in their head while doing the Blends project? For those of you who don’t have a first grader at my kid’s school, the Blends Project is 30% of their grade. Basically, the teacher gives you a list of 20 “blends” – blends are letter combinations, such as “br” and “ch.” The kids have to come up… Read more →


If You Live in Dekalb, You Should Read This Daily

The great blog Dekalb County School Watch published a Shayna Steinfeld post yesterday imploring the Board of Education to re-examine their business processes. Time to re-examine how business is conducted in DeKalb County Schools is really worth a read. I think she makes some great points. Most importantly, if you are not paying attention to the elections this Fall of… Read more →

What I Learned About Public Education

I already knew these things, but my experience dealing with Dekalb County yesterday cemented it: You really, really have to take responsibility for your own child’s education. The squeaky wheel DOES get the grease. If you complain enough, and put people’s jobs on the line, they will cave, and they will waste taxpayer money (tens of thousands of dollars, in… Read more →