I love her

I watched as Tiller took off full-throttle downhill to the bus stop. Then something caught her eye in the neighbor’s yard, so she darted over to it. She bent over. Picked something up. Stood up, holding a stem with dandelion seeds at the end, then blew them as hard as she could. Watched them fall to the grass, dropped the… Read more →

Dear Universe

I know you probably think it was funny that i didn’t finish all my work this morning and the kids were bored and tried to kill each other, so I took them grocery shopping, where Tiller proceeded to knock a glass tray of cheese cubes on the floor and it broke, and she cut her foot in two places, while… Read more →


IMG_1262 Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl Looking forward to this being us by tomorrow night. Spending the 4th on Cape San Blas with my family, and my sister’s family. Words can’t describe my excitement at spending a weekend with my sister at the beach. And my dog. My dog is coming, too. Read more →

Hopeful Dancer

Lamp Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl So, i have been meaning to post this on my blog. It is a photo of a lamp I found when cleaning out my grandparents’ shed last year. She is a little beaten up, but they don’t make things like they used to. She is heavy and solid in weight, but so weightless in… Read more →

I know . . .

I know I said I wasn’t drinking during the week, because I don’t want to be a complete and total fat ass for my twentieth reunion, but I got up at six to run and I did yoga this morning, in an attempt to be stress-free and not kill the spawn. And then? Then I volunteered as a timer at… Read more →

She Cracks Me Up

Tiller: “Can we eat out?” Me: “No. But we will probably eat out tomorrow before Rollie’s game.” Tiller: “Can we have S&S?” Me: “Well, i guess so. I was thinking Jason’s Deli, but we could do S&S instead.” Tiller: “Okay, well, let’s agree.” [Her head nodding affirmatively, palms face up, and out to the side.] Me: “Good idea.” Read more →