Goat Man Rides Again

Do you believe in ghosts? I didn’t used to. . . but I didn’t not believe in them either. Who was I to say they didn’t exist, just because I had never seen one? Then, one night a couple of years after my grandmother died, i was in Warner Robins, rocking Rollie to sleep in the room my grandmother died… Read more →


I love her

I watched as Tiller took off full-throttle downhill to the bus stop. Then something caught her eye in the neighbor’s yard, so she darted over to it. She bent over. Picked something up. Stood up, holding a stem with dandelion seeds at the end, then blew them as hard as she could. Watched them fall to the grass, dropped the… Read more →


IMG_1262 Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl Looking forward to this being us by tomorrow night. Spending the 4th on Cape San Blas with my family, and my sister’s family. Words can’t describe my excitement at spending a weekend with my sister at the beach. And my dog. My dog is coming, too. Read more →