First Sleepover

Dropped tiller off at Ned and vanessa’s for her first big girl sleepover. She was so excited, she barely stopped to kiss and hug me before running upstairs with scarlett. She is such a big girl now, and I would wax all nostalgic about it, but I am about to go out with the Creekers and get drunk. Shout out… Read more →


We did our Thanksgiving dinner tonight (Wednesday), rather than tomorrow, because My sister, Lisa, Dash, and Mark are going to Florida tomorrow. My parents will go to the lake. Todd and the kids and I will go to Auburn for Thanksgiving with his family, and perhaps take in a little bit of Auburn ass-whupping at the hands of Alabama. Lisa… Read more →

Fantastic Friday

Busy day at Chez Dogwood: I have finished getting my basement awesomeness room set up and now I’m setting up the office. (Not so awesome.) Gotta pick the tills up, then lunch, then off to set up for Fantastic Friday. That is basically like your old-fashioned elementary fall festival. We do ours at end of October, so there is a… Read more →

Little Gems for the Nerds

So, if you don’t read the Chunklet blog, you should. Love the little gems that Henry and friends come across. Two recent posts caught my eye, and brought me back. Yeah! A little something for the Athens/REM collecting nerds (Jason B.): Limbo District And for my boys in Chapel Hill this week: Henry on Merge’s 20th. Enjoy! (Thanks, Chunklet, for… Read more →


Maybe there is a greater power at work. Kids are a balm for grief. No one with young kids has time to sit around and ponder what it was like to hold a loved one’s hand as he took his last shallow breath, exhaled, and departed this world. Sure, it comes to you in flashes, but you don’t have time… Read more →