So, mom and dad got a dog. Right before they were supposed to leave for Alaska. And right before Dad ended up having heart surgery. So, now Todd and I are taking care of the dog. Todd is being really sweet about it. In between his grumbly moments. . . . This is Malex: Close up of Malex sleeping. Malex,… Read more →

Cecil Off Bypass

Thank god. They had to do two grafts (bypasses) and they said they were finishing up and would be done in about 30 minutes. Doctor is supposed to come talk to us. Did I mention that the Doctor is Lebanese? Cecil did his usual slight accent when he talked to the doctor Tuesday. He doesn’t realize he is doing this,… Read more →

10:00 am update

Dad is in the bypass portion. Meaning his heart isn’t beating right now. Which is scary as fuck. They are doing the grafts, and not sure if they will do two or three. Also, as is my usual reaction to larger chatty groups, I pretty much want to fucking punch about three people in here: chatty, bawdy redneck girl, the… Read more →

Big C Update

Still in Macon. Looks like Dad is going to need bypass surgery. Waiting on a surgical consult and we will know more. This doesn’t seem real. Everyone still has their sense of humor, though; Some kind of gallows humor (and drugs) is resulting in more bawdy Cecil revelations than usual, some of which have not been fit for public consumption.… Read more →

True Love

I woke up to Todd nudging me and then resting his hand on my stomach. I hate that. Me: “Is it my turn to get up?” Todd: “Yes.” Me: “Ten more minutes.” Todd: “I’m going to stick my finger in your belly button. . .” Me: “I’m going to punch you in the fucking face. And then the nuts.” Todd:… Read more →

Chicago. 2 AM.

Wooh. I am tired. But i saw some really amazing art today. REALLY amazing. Ate a wonderful breakfast. Saw M. Ward. Then saw jazz at an awesome bar. Then went to another bar, where I listened to awesome music and met a gay man from Chickamauga. Much fun had by all. Can’t wait to get home, and tell you about… Read more →

I Don’t Know

Why i have been so uninspired to write lately. It is unlike me. Maybe it is the rain (blame it on the rain) or the busyness of life. I just don’t know. But i am here. I will write. If life will just stop getting in the way. Or maybe it is Facebook getting in the way. Facebook is life,… Read more →