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Completely Over It

Monday, September 29th, 2008

So, an agreement couldn’t be made: Pelosi got pissy and started bitching about the President before the vote was taken, and then Republicans got pissy and decided not to vote for the damn thing because Pelosi pissed them off, and the whole fucking lot of them are scared to make a decision that might cost them their seats. No, this is not Days of Our Lives. It’s our own American Government. And it is completely ineffective.

Part of me hates the idea that taxpayers should be expected to bail out the greedy fuckers and the stupid people they preyed on; The other part of me just wants to see our elected officials drop the partisan bullshit and work together to accomplish something, just one thing, while in office.

Either way, i hope that when it comes time, we vote every last one of these useless, overpaid, self-serving pieces of crap out of their seats. On both sides of the aisle.