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Oh, The Humanity!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Hospital waiting room in Macon is much like Wal-Mart in Milledgeville. The people-watching is stellar. Awesome accents. No yankees. Interesting assortment of rednecks toting massive amounts of Mountain Dew, which is interesting to me since I watched that Diane Sawyer special about Appalachia.

November 11, 1989: Two Memories Converge, and Jason B., In All Probability, Shows Us the Depths of His Nerdiness

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Kite Chronicles, aka “Mealby” put up a fond memory about an REM show in Macon and how she missed it. Here’s where my memory picks up as hers was obviously drowned out by copious amounts of alcohol:

“Finishing where you left off, i went to this show with Jason and Evan. Evidently, my parents smoked crack while i was in high school and let me go to Macon and get a motel room with two guys for a show. We were also joined in said room by one of the Bells – matt or pat, weren’t those their names? And another guy – Craig? Keith? Something like that.

Anyway, we went to the show, had a great time, and when we get to the motel, Va’s car pulls up, the back door opens, and out spills Camille and Mike, completely blitzed out of their minds, giggling and barely able to stand, and Va gets out of her driver’s door, looking SUPER PISSED.

From there, all i remember is laughing my ass off.”

I made the show, but can’t find the ticket stub. I know it’s in the bottomless pit somewhere. Curiously, though, while looking through the pile for the homecoming pics in my earlier posts, i came across a ticket stub from two nights later:

The big question is: Jason B, where is the Macon lighter????! Picture please. It was red, right? Also, jason, since you are the resident nerd. Wasn’t this Fox show the one where they played all of Murmur and all of Green from start to finish? Or am i confused?