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Stream of Consciousness Post

kids_0004.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. This is one of my ultimate favorite pics of the boy. I think this was probably around Memorial Day or 4th of July at the Lake. (Note old boathouse – Outta there!) I guess he was about 10 months or so. Damn, he had some serious rubber banding (rubber banding is the term used… Read more →


Old Photo Day

Stevensmaybe.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. In case you haven’t noticed, I heart old photos. This is one that I found in my mom’s family photos. Based on the photos it was found with, I’m pretty sure it is a picture of one or more of the Stevens family. Frankly, it really bums me out that I don’t know who… Read more →

Kinda Sad Road Trip

Off to Louisville for T’s grandma’s funeral. Meemaw is gone. I have a lot of thoughts about her, and about how lucky I feel to have known her, but I need to digest the whole thing and will write when I get back. I figure going to ky will give me a little more perspective anyway. If you pray, or… Read more →