Happy Birthday, Pop!

1930s_berryschool_WalterPalmer Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. My grandfather turns 92 today. That just awes and amazes me. I’ve written about him before, here and here, if you want to read more about him. The picture is him around the time of his graduation from the Martha Berry School, which is now Berry College, in Rome, Georgia. I think that was… Read more →

Best Christmas Gifts

Tiller’s favorite has been the flashlight I gave her. It came with a backpack, sleeping bag, and squirt bottle, but it was the flashlight she wouldn’t let go of, and even wanted to take to bed with her. My favorite, and least favorite, gift she received from Santa was the Victorian dollhouse. It is pretty and will be years of… Read more →

What Tire Spells

After opening gifts at my in-laws last night, Rollie was sitting around the table with Todd, Todd’s father, and Todd’s brother Lyle and his wife. Rollie was playing with a Cars drawing tablet that included pencils, crayons, paints, and stickers. It also has a workbook section, where he can practice writing and spelling. Rollie was trying to sound out and… Read more →


The New York Times contains an article today about photographs donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The photos seem benign enough; they look pretty much like the photographs in my Grandfather’s albums from the 30s and 40s, pictures like the one below, pictures of him and his family and friends frolicking.The photos are so similar in appearance, but… Read more →

I’m An Aunt!

In all the birthday hullabaloo, I forgot to mention that this past week, Todd and I became an Aunt and Uncle for the first time. Todd’s brother, Wade, and Wade’s wife, Suzanne, welcomed little Lucinda Ruth into the world. They’re going to call her Luci. I am going to spoil her. This will not be pretty. Read more →

Road Trip! Again.

We are off to Savannah, hometown of my Daddy and his peeps, for a wedding. I am really excited, as it is one of my favorite places in the world. Kids are being dropped off about an hour down the road (don’t worry – we are leaving them with my parents, not just putting them out on the side of… Read more →