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Three Years

Dear Tiller, Yesterday, you turned three years old. Yes, I was too busy to write this on your birthday, but don’t think for a minute that throughout the day i wasn’t constantly reminded that it was three years to the day that you had come into our lives. It is hard to look back on a year and remember all… Read more →


Daily Dash

I feel pretty lucky to live so close to the Little Man, Dashiell. He and Lisa visited yesterday and i took a couple of decent shots of Dash and Tills together. (You try getting a 2 year-old to hold a newborn, and for both of them to look remotely close to the camera without someone’s head getting dented!) Please note… Read more →

Actual Pictures of Me That I Don’t Hate

IMG_0078.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Here is one. There are not many. I like that I am wearing one of my favorite hats from high school. It makes me sad that I didn’t keep my hat collection, although Todd is very thankful that I didn’t, and they were great hats, but not worth losing a marriage over. Woulda made… Read more →


The only picture my stingy, sleep-deprived brother-in-law deigned to send to me. He is cute, but one picture does not do justice to the majesty* of my new nephew. This will have to suffice for the time being. *All newborns look like alien worm beings. Read more →