Three Years

Dear Tiller, Yesterday, you turned three years old. Yes, I was too busy to write this on your birthday, but don’t think for a minute that throughout the day i wasn’t constantly reminded that it was three years to the day that you had come into our lives. It is hard to look back on a year and remember all… Read more →

Daily Dash

I feel pretty lucky to live so close to the Little Man, Dashiell. He and Lisa visited yesterday and i took a couple of decent shots of Dash and Tills together. (You try getting a 2 year-old to hold a newborn, and for both of them to look remotely close to the camera without someone’s head getting dented!) Please note… Read more →

Actual Pictures of Me That I Don’t Hate

IMG_0078.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Here is one. There are not many. I like that I am wearing one of my favorite hats from high school. It makes me sad that I didn’t keep my hat collection, although Todd is very thankful that I didn’t, and they were great hats, but not worth losing a marriage over. Woulda made… Read more →

Roller Coaster

P6280074 Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl This kind of cracks me up. What a wild ride! Tiller and my favorite father-in-law in the front car, with Rollie pulling up the rear (that’s where you get the most Gs, you know?) Kind of sad that I missed my kids’ first roller coaster ride, but I did have to be around for… Read more →

Tiller Loves Lisa

Tiller Loves Lisa Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl Since Tiller and Rollie can’t see their new cousin for a few weeks, and Lisa bought Tiller this outfit before having the baby, Tiller felt that she needed to say thank you to Lisa through video. Lisa, she flipped when she saw the new Hello kitty shirt. She loves it. Also, it… Read more →


The only picture my stingy, sleep-deprived brother-in-law deigned to send to me. He is cute, but one picture does not do justice to the majesty* of my new nephew. This will have to suffice for the time being. *All newborns look like alien worm beings. Read more →