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Sitting On the Edge Of My Future

I am pretty sure that Facebook is slowly eating my blog. . . . However, here I am. I have been scanning more old photos, and came across a great set of pics from college. They are mostly from my college graduation. Here is the whole set on Flickr. A few things that initially struck me about these: I hated… Read more →


Lost Arts

I have always been fascinated by the way that people lived, survived, ate, and lived in the past. Maybe it was too much Little House, but i have always been amazed at the things that people knew how to do. Baking, and sewing, candlemaking, fire banking, farming and building things with their hands.. . these have always been things that… Read more →

I admit it; I Gained from Todd’s Tigers’ Loss This Past Weekend

I’m not exactly an SEC football expert. I’m also not really an expert gambler, although I do come from a family that loves to play games and wager – yes, Rollie will probably inherit his great-grandfather’s dice – no, i am not kidding, and a Grandma that wouldn’t let me win at Sorry! But for fun, I decided to join… Read more →