Southern Hospitality

Wow. Random Bama fan just contacted me after seeing pictures of our seats for last year’s Temporary Annulment Day Game. He wanted to know what his seats look like, where to park, etc. I love that he trusts that Dawgwood Girl will get him there in one piece, even though he is the enemy. Gotta love the SEC. And the… Read more →


It wasn’t pretty, but it was a W. I’ll take it. Go Dawgs! We had some friends over for the games yesterday and the whole thing kind of snowballed and we ended up with a before-unmet number of children running around. Scarlett and Dash were here, as usual, but then we added in Sheilah’s kids, and four of the neighborhood… Read more →

A Few Things

Talking about it makes it better. I can’t believe I have a niece who is one year old. Todd has one week to purchase and install my new UGA flag. Sex withheld until installation complete. My favorite movie of all time is most definitely The Black Stallion. And it holds up well to time, too. You are making fun of… Read more →

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

I’ve written numerous times about my mixed marriage. The kids are completely on the fence. They see a G on a car in front of me and yell, “Bulldogs!” or “Georgia for you, Mama!” or they see that AU on a car and say, “Auburn!” Course, Rollie says, “Aubrun,” and Tiller actually says, “Bullgogs.” Which is really cute. If they… Read more →

30 Saturdays

Just 30 more Saturdays until the first UGA game of the season. Woohoo! Some guy from the AJC thinks we might be a preseason #1; My favorite bulldog bloggers hope that isn’t the case. Seems that they think that Richt performs much better as an underdog. Fall should be good. I will also be an aunt by then. And hopefully… Read more →

What Tire Spells

After opening gifts at my in-laws last night, Rollie was sitting around the table with Todd, Todd’s father, and Todd’s brother Lyle and his wife. Rollie was playing with a Cars drawing tablet that included pencils, crayons, paints, and stickers. It also has a workbook section, where he can practice writing and spelling. Rollie was trying to sound out and… Read more →

A Little Sad

No Bulldogs to pull for today. But you better believe I’m pulling for Oklahoma, Pitt, and [throwing up in my mouth a little bit] the Vols. BC could beat VT and that would be okay with me, too. Don’t know what I’m talking about? This will explain better than I possibly could. Read more →