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Life as Competition

I’ve been really slack about the blogging of late. We went to the beach, and for some reason, summer in general makes me want to be doing stuff, instead of writing about doing stuff. Which then makes me feel guilty because I’m not being the blogger I want to be. I’m not being the runner I want to be, either.… Read more →


Saturday Run

I cannot believe i am not more tired after running six miles and then helping my sister move all day. Also? Ikea is affordable for a reason: You have to put a LOT of shit together. Like, seriously, hundreds of small pieces. I usually run outside on weekends, but today was a definite no-go. There was smoke everywhere, so I… Read more →

Sign My Fat Ass Up

I wrote here about my workouts, and obviously, if you read Dogwood Girl, you know about my battle with my weight (which is really just a battle with my love for food and drink). Well, I read the most interesting article in The New York Times this morning about the fat-burning effects of interval training. Basically, that means that you… Read more →


So, I am still running, although I have had difficulty running as regularly as I want to with the crazy stuff going on with my Mom, and being out of town, etc. I am really trying to stick with it, though, because I feel so much better when I get enough exercise, that it is almost like I am a… Read more →