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I Pledge Allegiance

I attended my first PTA meeting last night. (Okay, not my first, because Todd and i have attended a few for other schools we considered sending our kids to, but the first for a school my child will definitely attend.) The Lakeside High school Jazz band played at the beginning. They had very fancy, meticulously-styled bedhead hair. They all looked… Read more →

September 11th

Our country was somehow made better in those first days after the event; Strangers were kinder to one another, and we told each other we loved one another more. We were all stripped bare and frightened and angry and sad; We all experienced the same event and the same emotions, some of us more closely affected than others, but all of us changed in some way by the tragedy of it all. We were more unified for a few days and weeks than I remember being before or since. Read more →