Excerpts from an ongoing dialogue my friend Nessie and I are having concerning Niger in particular, and famine, starvation, and AIDs in general. Nessie: Please forgive the soapbox but I’ve been especially touched and saddened by the current situation in Niger. As I’m sure you’ve all been seeing or reading about this in the news (famine, starvation, AIDS), I won’t… Read more →

The End

You know any shred of cool you once had is completely obliterated by parenthood when you get a local list of arts and entertainment coming to your town and the only show that you actually consider is Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Coloring Book. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. . . . Read more →

Introducing Scarlett

It seems like my posts are often inspired by op-ed pieces i read in the NY Times. This morning’s inspiration was an article written by author Alice Hoffman, entitled The Books of Summer. The article explores the phenomenon of associating a book that you read with a particular summer of your life, much like one associates particular songs or albums… Read more →