The Ultimate Sacrifice

No, not that ultimate sacrifice. . . . I’m talking about the one where my husband kills the snake. That’s right, my total stud of a husband did not hesitate to defend his home and family from the looming threat of the snake. For those that don’t me well, i have a small phobia of snakes. By phobia, i mean… Read more →

Major League Debut

Last night, Todd came home with four tix to the Braves/Cubs game. For all of his efforts at avoiding attending the baseball game with his toddler son and 7-months pregnant wife, he could only find one other friend to go with him, so Rollie and I decided to take the two extra tickets. [evil laugh] Todd had reservations about Rollie’s… Read more →

Haul Out the Deep Fryer!

This morning, I read a New York Times article entitled “Chicken on the Plate, Family on the Side” . The article discusses Emily Saliers’ (of Indigo Girls fame) Decatur, Georgia restaurant, Watershed, but more importantly, it discusses the link between Southern cooking and the Southern family. I often think about what it means to be “Southern” and about what parts… Read more →

Seven Months

Turns out I don’t post that often. I haven’t posted since finding out Iwas expecting! Well, it is month seven of the pregnancy. i am 27 weeks, and I am big as a house. This baby (it’s a girl!) is quite the kicker. Much more so than Rollie was. I sometimes yell out and scare the shit out of Todd… Read more →


So, I went to my midwife’s apptmt. She is awesome, and agreed totally that i needed to go back on glucophage for the PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and wrote me a script for that and the provera to jumpstart AF. Then, she had me do a blood test, just to rule out pg. She said to hold off on taking… Read more →

To Poo in Peace

I really miss being able to take a dump in peace. Nowadays, The Boy is with me EVERY single SECOND of every day. I can’t even poop by myself. Today, i opened the door to the downstairs bath to go in and poop (The Angelic Husband wasn’t there) hoping that The Boy would just play quietly, but nope, he wants… Read more →