Haul Out the Deep Fryer!

This morning, I read a New York Times article entitled “Chicken on the Plate, Family on the Side” . The article discusses Emily Saliers’ (of Indigo Girls fame) Decatur, Georgia restaurant, Watershed, but more importantly, it discusses the link between Southern cooking and the Southern family. I often think about what it means to be “Southern” and about what parts… Read more →


Seven Months

Turns out I don’t post that often. I haven’t posted since finding out Iwas expecting! Well, it is month seven of the pregnancy. i am 27 weeks, and I am big as a house. This baby (it’s a girl!) is quite the kicker. Much more so than Rollie was. I sometimes yell out and scare the shit out of Todd… Read more →

First Blood

The Boy and the Angelic Husband were sitting in the den, watching cartoons, while I cooked dinner. The Boy has been especially ornery the last few days, as he has two teeth ripping through his upper gum at once. I can’t remember what it was like to cut my own baby teeth, but I can only imagine that it is… Read more →

The Drunken Mother and the Angelic Husband

The thing about babies is: they are not very sympathetic to hangovers. They still wake up at the breakabreaka dawn and they expect to see you waltzing into their room to sweep them up with a smile on your face. You can’t very well stumble in holding your head and ask them to be quiet – it’s not their fault… Read more →

Cancer Paranoia, or Death Comes Knocking.

When I first created my blog, I named it Dogwood Girl. No real reason, except that the dogwood is my favorite tree and I like it. If I had known what the next week would be like, I would have named it “Cancer Girl,” although I’m sure that is taken, and it sounds entirely too American Splendor comic-booky. Little did… Read more →