Today we went to playgroup at Tara’s house. (That’s Natalie and Tara in the pictures on the left.) Tara went to my high school, and my college, and now our kids play together. Actually, Natalie, Camille, and Steph’s husband, Doug, also went to my high school. Steph also went to college with all of us. Kind of funny. We even… Read more →

The Problem with Barbie

My friend Steph’s daughter Annika just turned three and we gave her a Barbie for her birthday. A little background on the Barbie purchase. Some of you may have been surprised that I bought a Barbie, what with the inherent problematic body image baggage involved in foisting this doll on a little girl. First of all, I would rather my… Read more →

And It Begins

Rollie says, “Mama watch. Get mark. Get set. GO!” and drives his trucks in a circle through the living room, into the hall, around the kitchen, through the dining room, and back into the living room. “Again,” he says. I am busy doing other things and mutter “uh-huh,” without really looking at what he is doing. He will not be… Read more →

We are Superhero

You may have noticed that I’ve been listening to The Go! Team lately. I don’t think it is the best album I have ever heard, but it is definitely fun. It sounds to me like a cross between “Hollaback Girl,” the theme from The Six Million Dollar Man, Cibo Matto, and the Battle of the Planets theme. When I am… Read more →

My Time in the Big House

I spent the weekend with my roommates from college. Dana’s family has a farm outside of Asheville, and we end up meeting there once or twice a year for a weekend. I drove up on Friday and arrived about 2 o’clock. Honey and Laura came from Charlotte, and Dana was coming from Winston-Salem; their drives were much shorter than mine,… Read more →

Mother, Iconoclast

This is how sad my life is. . . I was unloading the dishwasher for the second time yesterday, and I started putting away Rollie’s sippy cups in their designated drawer. Most of his cups are made by Gerber. They have interchangeable lids, meaning you can put the lid from any Gerber cup on any other Gerber cup and it… Read more →