My Sick Little Girl

CRAP. Rollie came down with the cough, runny nose, low-grade fever last weekend. He still has the runny nose. Todd took care of rollie, and I manned Matilda in hopes that we wouldn’t give her his cold, but she started coughing on Sat. I was at my Mom’s in Warner Robins. I just figured it was a cold and kept… Read more →

A Mile In My Shoes

I had no more than 3 hour stretches of sleep for over 4 weeks.I had a baby chomping on my breasts for . . . well, she is still chomping on my breasts. They are constantly bruised, sensitive, and painful. This does not seem to improve, despite the fact that everyone says it “gets better” and that I have done… Read more →

I Am Mother

Nothing makes me feel more like a cliche than a pot of water boiling over as I change a poopy diaper while my 2 month old screams her guts out in the background. Unless it is one of those days where you also add that she shat on me earlier in the day, and her big brother the toddler is… Read more →

Happy Feet

Last week, I had the pleasure of leaving Rollie and Matilda with their father for an evening, while I went out to dinner and a movie. I had thai at Ma Li (my fave) with a glass of wine, even. I then drove to the theater, pumped in the car (strange experience – kind of makes you feel like a… Read more →

The Rings

No, I’m not so mad that I will stop speaking to you forever. I am not so selfish as to cut off my nose to spite my face, and prevent my children from seeing their grandparents, and all over a couple stupid rings. But I am so angry, more angry than I ever remember being. I feel disappointed in your… Read more →

Dames, Dames

Seems Rollie likes Dames. “James,” that is. Since when does he get to choose a favorite episode of Thomas the Tank Engine? And why did it have to be the one that we had just deleted from Tivo? And why did the resulting tantrum have to occur right next to Matilda, who had just fallen asleep five minutes before? Read more →