39 weeks. . . .

and nothing is happening. I did have a little bit of menstrual-feeling crampiness in my lower back and stomach last night. I think that may have been caused my walking at the mall yesterday afternoon. (That’s what i get for going to the mall – i really don’t like the mall.) Anyway, it seems to have passed and I am… Read more →

38 Plus Two

Yep, I’m down to counting the days. Could be two or three more weeks. Could be tomorrow. The wa-a-a-iting is the hardest part. Rollie had his first big-boy haircut today. We went to Stylin’ Kids. Not bad for a 17 dollar haircut – he was pretty good, even letting Marilyn, the stylist, shave the back of his neck. Usually, clippers… Read more →

Oh, NOOO. . . Twooo.

Okay, so you wouldn’t mean by this that you are as amazed as your Mama that it has been two whole years since I popped you out at 5:20 pm and my whole life changed. When you say, “Oh, No, Two!” it is an exclamation of surprise at seeing another of something; another airplane or truck or car or tree.… Read more →