Adventures with Rollie

Okay, Rollie. I admit it: It is really fun to play stuffed-animal-hair-salon while drying my own hair. The Hippo really needed a blowout – He was looking kind of frizzy. And I especially love it when you look on like the proud parent and then smile appreciatively when I finish styling one of them and hand them to you. Now,… Read more →

Halloween in the Hood

This was the first year that Rollie was able to really walk from door to door for Halloween, so we decided to take him around the subdivision for some trick or treating. We had him all dressed up in his Batman outfit, sans mask, which he refused to keep on. I managed to get the pumpkin carved about 15 minutes… Read more →

Boo at the Zoo

As promised, here are some pictures from our first “Boo at the Zoo” at Zoo Atlanta: Are we really going to go out in public dressed like this? Todd and Rollie take a break from Trick or Treating. This is what Matilda the Angel did the whole afternoon. Rollie rides the Ostrich on the carousel at the zoo. (That’s me,… Read more →

Question of the Day

Can Joe T. handle the pressure? We’ll see. . . four hours till kickoff. In the meantime, Todd and I are taking Rollie and Matilda to the Grant Park zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Should be. . .really tame, as compared with a number of my Halloweens in the past. Let’s see: Daylight. No drugs or alcohol. I’m not… Read more →

Queries for the AAP

Queries for the American Academy of Pediatrics: How many hours of the same Thomas the Tank Engine episode can a 26 month-old toddler view before his brain begins to melt out of his ears? What are the American Academy of Pediatrics standards for duct-taping a pacifier onto a three-week old’s mouth? Thanks in advance,Harried Mother Read more →