The Sisters Mortland

Just finished The Sisters Mortland. Ever read one of those books that has compelling characters, and pretty good imagery, and you can feel the sparks getting ready to fly, but then the book just goes nowhere? This is one of those books. I kept reading, hoping that the payoff would be there at the end. It wasn’t. Read more →

See This Face?

See this face? This sweet, happy, benign face? Don’t believe it. In approximately five hours, this face will be attached to a rear end spewing the most vile diarreah ever witnessed by a mother. That mouth? It will be vomiting all over me, my bed, my friend Camille’s carpet in the house that she just put on the market. Her… Read more →

Rollie Gets Crunk

One of the interesting things about being a parent is how all semblance of cool flies out the window upon toddlerhood. Sure, I can still go see Rogue Wave on a Saturday night (with much to do about babysitters), but on Sunday morning, I am still going to find myself hung over and forced to dance to the new Jack… Read more →