I’ve Been Classified and Tagged

So, my parenting breed has been studied, classsified, and tagged. Seems that Todd and I are Grups. The linked article by Adam Sternbergh has been floating around on the internet for a few weeks now. (Okay, a month. Can we say “Slacker parenting?”) Todd first sent it to me weeks ago, and upon reading it, my first reaction was protestation.… Read more →

Five Year Pie

I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour, drinking milk shakes cold and longSmiling and waving and looking so fine, don’t thinkYou knew you were in this songAnd it was cold and it rained so I felt like an actorAnd I thought of ma and I wanted to get back thereYour face, your race, the way that you talkI… Read more →

Eggcellent Eggstravaganza

Todd, Rollie, Tiller, and I spent the weekend with my parents at the Lake. We drove down on Friday, put the kids down (Rollie didn’t stay down, and was, accordingly, rewarded with ice cream by the grandparents), and my parents stayed with them while Todd and I went into town for dinner. We tried to get dinner at The Brick… Read more →

Mama’s Little Dawg

For those of you not up on your SEC football, this will make no sense. For the rest of you, read on. Last night at dinner, Todd prompts Rollie with a “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr Ea. . .” Rollie interrupts with: “SIC’EM!!WOOFWOOFWOOF!” There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruits of the labor of good raisin’ . . . . Read more →

Just a Thought

If your fingernails are so long that you can’t push buttons on the ATM machine, and you have to try repeatedly to finish your transaction correctly, while numerous cars are in line behind you, including a van with not one, but two wailing children, maybe, just maybe, that is an indication that you should cut your fucking nails. Just a… Read more →

Honey’s Wedding

I feel like I’ve spent ages away from home and hearth, but it was really just three nights. We drove (!) down to my friends Honey and Slade’s wedding in Delray Beach, Florida on Thursday night. Honey now goes by her middle name, “Brooke,” but for those of her who have known her for ages, she is still Honey, whether… Read more →

Imagine the Irony

I drag myself to an eight o’clock pm step class at the YMCA. I feel great afterwards, all blissed out on cardio, and decide that i should go to the grocery store without the kids before going home. I know that i have to get some bulky items, like cat litter, tons of toilet paper, economy packs of diapers, and… Read more →