Just a Thought

If your fingernails are so long that you can’t push buttons on the ATM machine, and you have to try repeatedly to finish your transaction correctly, while numerous cars are in line behind you, including a van with not one, but two wailing children, maybe, just maybe, that is an indication that you should cut your fucking nails. Just a… Read more →

Honey’s Wedding

I feel like I’ve spent ages away from home and hearth, but it was really just three nights. We drove (!) down to my friends Honey and Slade’s wedding in Delray Beach, Florida on Thursday night. Honey now goes by her middle name, “Brooke,” but for those of her who have known her for ages, she is still Honey, whether… Read more →

Imagine the Irony

I drag myself to an eight o’clock pm step class at the YMCA. I feel great afterwards, all blissed out on cardio, and decide that i should go to the grocery store without the kids before going home. I know that i have to get some bulky items, like cat litter, tons of toilet paper, economy packs of diapers, and… Read more →


Today we went to playgroup at Tara’s house. (That’s Natalie and Tara in the pictures on the left.) Tara went to my high school, and my college, and now our kids play together. Actually, Natalie, Camille, and Steph’s husband, Doug, also went to my high school. Steph also went to college with all of us. Kind of funny. We even… Read more →

The Problem with Barbie

My friend Steph’s daughter Annika just turned three and we gave her a Barbie for her birthday. A little background on the Barbie purchase. Some of you may have been surprised that I bought a Barbie, what with the inherent problematic body image baggage involved in foisting this doll on a little girl. First of all, I would rather my… Read more →

And It Begins

Rollie says, “Mama watch. Get mark. Get set. GO!” and drives his trucks in a circle through the living room, into the hall, around the kitchen, through the dining room, and back into the living room. “Again,” he says. I am busy doing other things and mutter “uh-huh,” without really looking at what he is doing. He will not be… Read more →

We are Superhero

You may have noticed that I’ve been listening to The Go! Team lately. I don’t think it is the best album I have ever heard, but it is definitely fun. It sounds to me like a cross between “Hollaback Girl,” the theme from The Six Million Dollar Man, Cibo Matto, and the Battle of the Planets theme. When I am… Read more →