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All Hallows Eve

Halloween was ultra fun. We carved the pumpkin (yes, I am a total slacker and waited till the last minute) and then went and had pizza at Grant Central. After that, we walked around East Atlanta Village for the Eav-O-Ween celebration.All of the shop owners hand out candy to the local kids, and the people-watching is pretty fun. The kids… Read more →


Zombie Alley

This is a post from awhile ago. I was having publishing probs and forgot about it. But here it is, in lieu of the brilliant post that you would have gotten, if I had gotten my pictures to upload for it . . . My friend, Kat, who lives in the Netherlands, visited with us this past week. She is… Read more →


So, I am still running, although I have had difficulty running as regularly as I want to with the crazy stuff going on with my Mom, and being out of town, etc. I am really trying to stick with it, though, because I feel so much better when I get enough exercise, that it is almost like I am a… Read more →