Yesterday was a banner day. Our little wolverine, Matilda, refuses to sleep during the day. Why sleep, when there is so much crying her guts out to be achieved? (She sleeps great – 11 + hours! – during the night.) I read up on this phenomenon, and came up with a plan of action. It was a complete success! She… Read more →

My Prince

This morning, I awoke to coughing and chatter from Rollie’s room. He has a cold, but it is the functional type of cold that toddlers have – if you or I had the same cold, we would take to the couch with chicken soup and the remote, but Rollie wakes up like clockwork and is ready to start playing as… Read more →

Four Months

Matilda, you are four months old today. I cannot believe that in four months, you have so irrevocably changed my life. Life with one child still gives you the illusion that you are new to parenting, that you still have one iota of coolness, that you still hang on to your carefree youthfulness. Having a second child changes that forever.… Read more →

We Are So Proud

This past week, Rollie said his first cuss word. It was, “damn.” We couldn’t be any prouder. Thankfully, his grandmother, rather than his parents, was responsible for modeling pronunciation of this one. In other Rollie news, he has taken to soothing his sister when she cries, modeling his mother’s favorite exclamation upon hearing Matilda start to cry: “Pipe down!” Finally,… Read more →

The Robert Smith of the White House

I recently watched a History Channel documentary about Abraham Lincoln, entitled, aptly enough, Lincoln. Rather than studying just the facts of his presidency, it focused more on his mental state during his presidency, and the battle he fought with depression throughout his life. He had two nervous breakdowns in which he became suicidal. He lost his mother early in his… Read more →

New Horizons

Last week, Matilda and I watched the launch of a NASA spacecraft called New Horizons. It was the beginning of a 9 year trip to Pluto and its moon, Charon. (Pluto may also have two or more other moons.) The rocket travels at 100 times the speed of a commercial airliner, the fastest craft to have ever launched from Earth,… Read more →

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so my birthday was yesterday, but you didn’t think i was going to waste valuable birthday time posting to this piece of crap blog, did you? I am 34 years old. Yes, self, you heard yourself right. THIRTY.FOUR. Jesus H. Christ, how did I end up in my mid-thirties??? As I told Todd and Lisa both yesterday, I still… Read more →