Memorial Day 2006

We went back to the Lake for the weekend. My dad invited his first cousin and his cousin’s wife and their two kids down for a night. It was pretty cool to see Rollie playing with his cousins, ages six and four (at left – Cash, Rollie, and Christian). My sister has no children, and neither do Todd’s brothers, so… Read more →

Proud Parent

The other day, Rollie said, “Good song,” from the backseat when I was playing “(Drawing) Rings Around the World” by Super Furry Animals. About a week before that, I looked in the rearview to catch him nodding his head to Broken Social Scene’s “7/4 (Shoreline).” Today, on the way home from the Y, I was listening to The Editors and… Read more →

Inman Park

From the Inman Park Festival a few weeks ago:Rollie and Todd cruise the booths. (Note Grup messenger bag on Todd.) Matilda checks out the sights from the best seat in the house. We need to figure out how to make Baby Bjorns and slings for adult. How awesome would it be if Todd and I could take turns carrying each… Read more →

Proud Sister

I have never been so proud of my sister as I am today. It is satisfying to watch someone you love decide to make a change in their lives, then work to achieve that change. Lisa has worked her ass off for two years, and she has made her family and friends very proud. Way to go, Nurse Lisa! We… Read more →