Rollie Gets Crunk

One of the interesting things about being a parent is how all semblance of cool flies out the window upon toddlerhood. Sure, I can still go see Rogue Wave on a Saturday night (with much to do about babysitters), but on Sunday morning, I am still going to find myself hung over and forced to dance to the new Jack… Read more →

Crutch Parenting

Recently, my sister told me about hanging out with friends of Mark (her husband). The wife, a recent addition to motherhood, was talking about swings, bouncy/vibrating seats, etc. and referred to them as “parenting crutches.” [Raucous, condescending, derisive laughter from veteran mothers everywhere.] Obviously, Honey, you have only one child. For veteran parents, four months of age marks an anxiously-awaited… Read more →


Yesterday was a banner day. Our little wolverine, Matilda, refuses to sleep during the day. Why sleep, when there is so much crying her guts out to be achieved? (She sleeps great – 11 + hours! – during the night.) I read up on this phenomenon, and came up with a plan of action. It was a complete success! She… Read more →