Inman Park

From the Inman Park Festival a few weeks ago:Rollie and Todd cruise the booths. (Note Grup messenger bag on Todd.) Matilda checks out the sights from the best seat in the house. We need to figure out how to make Baby Bjorns and slings for adult. How awesome would it be if Todd and I could take turns carrying each… Read more →

Proud Sister

I have never been so proud of my sister as I am today. It is satisfying to watch someone you love decide to make a change in their lives, then work to achieve that change. Lisa has worked her ass off for two years, and she has made her family and friends very proud. Way to go, Nurse Lisa! We… Read more →

Life in the Food Web

It’s good to have read this article in the New York Times on those days when you want to crate your toddler, or dose your infant with Diphenhydramine, put duct tape over both their mouths, or throw them out of a moving vehicle. I mean, yeah, i think about it, but i would never: Feed one while watching the other… Read more →

I’ve Been Classified and Tagged

So, my parenting breed has been studied, classsified, and tagged. Seems that Todd and I are Grups. The linked article by Adam Sternbergh has been floating around on the internet for a few weeks now. (Okay, a month. Can we say “Slacker parenting?”) Todd first sent it to me weeks ago, and upon reading it, my first reaction was protestation.… Read more →