We’re In the Zoo

We renewed our Zoo Atlanta membership again this year. I spent most of last summer chasing Rollie around the zoo. Seems he didn’t really care too much for the animal watching, but was more into picking up sticks, running away from me in crowds (not difficult to do as I was 6 months or more pregnant all of 2005), and… Read more →

The "News"

Rollie woke up early this morning, and then proceeded to go into Matilda’s room, waking her about an hour and a half earlier than she usually rises. (We woke to her screaming bloody murder and Rollie yelling, “Tilda’s crying!!! Mama, Dada, Tilda’s crying!” Gee, wonder why she’s crying.) So, all four of us were up bright and early, just after… Read more →

Um, Yum?

Night before last, i was putting Rollie down for the night. We were going through our ritual of saying “Goodnight” to everything in God’s name (“Goodnight, Dora. Goodnight cowboy pictures, Goodnight Chicken Blues, Goodnight light.” And so on, ad nauseum.) I kissed him on the forehead and realized he was chewing on something. He had a board book in his… Read more →

There, I’ve Said it

Alcohol and dieting don’t mix. I could have lost a whole lot more weight by now if i just quit drinking. Or drinking during the week. Or even just drinking at home. So, my sister and I have made a pact. I am not drinking again until 4th of July weekend. We have a wedding to attend that weekend. Wish… Read more →

We Need to Raise the Bar

You may or may not have noticed the lack of Dogwood Girl posts. For good reason: I was being a responsible parent. I have been thinking a lot about the kids’ education lately. I have also been doing a lot of research, and realizing that the information out in the ether is really confusing, hard to interpret, and varies massively… Read more →

My Day

7:50 a.m. Get up, throw on clothes.7:55 am. Change Matilda’s diaper, go downstairs.8:00 a.m. Breastfeed Matilda.8:15 a.m. Pour coffee, eat breakfast bar and drink coffee while checking email.8:45 a.m. Clean bathrooms and upstairs for house showing.9:15 a.m. Mow yard.10:30 a.m. Wash face, pack bag for outing. Feed Matilda again.11:00 a.m. Go by post office, get todd to drop me off,… Read more →

The Possibilities are Endless

This week marked a pivotal point in my life with Todd. After very little debate, we decided that after having Matilda, our family would be complete, and we would get Todd “fixed.” Actually, the deal was, we would get Todd fixed, unless for some reason i had to have a c-section while having Matilda, in which case i would be… Read more →