More Little Pleasures

I have recently been making a concerted effort to take time and notice the little things, since this is the last time i will ever have very little ones in my house, and they are growing so fast. I know that in no time, I will be one of those foaming-at-the-mouth-needing-a-grandbaby kind of women, so I must enjoy what i… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Pop!

My grandfather turned 90 years old last week. He is the last of my grandparents living, but one of three that I had the pleasure of getting to know. I never met my mother’s father, as he passed away before my parents were married, but I have spent hours of time with Pop, who is my dad’s father. Pop was… Read more →

Go Creekers!

My best friends as a kid and a teenager were mostly neighbors from the old neighborhood, Saddle Creek. Our swim team was called The Creekers. I now refer to the old neighborhood as “the creek,” in much the same way Dawson, Pacey, and Joey referred to their own waterway on Dawson’s Creek. I don’t get to see those guys so… Read more →

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation, Vol. III: Back at the Homestead

We left Dadeville on Christmas morning. Note to self: Do not agree to stay in condo and check out on Christmas morning, as Christmas morning should be for church, or coffee by a roaring fire, or champagne while opening gifts, or joy of childrens’ faces upon seeing what was in their stockings. It should not involve packing a van, dressing… Read more →

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation, Vol. II: Johnson Family Gathering

Todd, Rollie, Matilda, and I spent Christmas Eve at Todd’s parents’ house on Lake Martin. Todd’s grandmother Harris lives with the Johnsons. Todd’s Aunt Sherry, Uncle Shaileish, and cousins, Jamie, Eric, and Jennifer were there from Cincinatti. Todd’s brothers, Lyle and Wade, and their wives, Denise and Suzanne, in attendance. Top row: Lyle, Todd, Denise, Peggy, Suzanne, Wade. Bottom row:… Read more →

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation, Vol. I: We Actually Went Out. Together.

On the Thursday before Christmas, the Johnson family ventured over to Auburn, Alabama, hometown of the Todd. We were there for Christmas, to see Todd’s Aunt Sherry and Uncle Shaileish, and his cousins, who were in town for the holiday. They had not met Matilda yet, so we thought we should get together while they were in town. On Friday… Read more →

Boy, We Don’t Party Like We Used To. . . .

In keeping with my recent rambles down memory lane, I attended a get-together at the lovely Doug and Steph Bachman home. Attendees included a number of characters from my youth and young adulthood, as well as a dazzling array of snacks and desserts, including the dreaded-by-dieters, light-as-air, Rice Krispie treat. I am proud to say that I declined all sweets,… Read more →