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Life Gets in the Way, But Let Me Fast Forward It For You

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

This has been my worst month of posting in years. Life has really gotten in the way. Many reasons come into play. Me training for another triathlon. Work. Lots of company, like Todd’s cousin Jenn, and my friend Honey and her family, and my mom is having surgery on her foot, and mom and dad having moved, a neighbor and i started a community website, Dekalb county board of education sucks, and I have to sometimes cook and do laundry and make beds, or at least enough so that todd won’t divorce me.

A recap in pictures (just hold your mouse over each one for the witty caption):
We had a cookout. With Ned and Nessie.
And Ned and Leelee
Lyle, Cooke, and Rollie
Rolls, Scar, and Tills
and Cooke, Rolls, Scar, and Tills
Then there was the day that Tills cut her own bangs.
I ran a daycare for like 50 kids a few days.
I took the kids and T. to see Donnie's Girlfriend's gallery opening. We did not get drunk which was disappointing.
We went to Roswell for Ev's baby shower.
Lisa Drove. I drank. And tried on wigs with jason.
They're having a baby. Better them than me!
Oh, and J. had an orgasm in Ev's parents' massage chair. (Didn't we all.)
We took the kids to see They Might Be Giants.
And then afterwards, they decided to hang out in L5P and look cool.
We all got goofy at Morelli's.
And Tiller.
Okay, Todd is just too cool in his shades to act goofy. FYI: He found'em on the escalator at the airport and pocketed them. Poser.
Then Honey came to visit and Dash made me jealous.
And we all went to the St. Patty's Day Parade and froze our asses off.
I still don't know what Storm Troopers have to do with St. Patty's, but I'm on board.
We all rode Marta and managed to get home without losing any kids, or Slade, who is part Leprechaun.
I fell in love with this little guy. Had forgotten awesomeness of baby sleeping soundly on couch while I got quietly smashed on wine.
And this one, Honey's mini-me.
And we were just as worn out as they were. . .

I guess that kind of sums it up.

Yeah, Dogwood is back. She’s back!

Who Knew This Golden Girl Fan Had a Heart of Such Darkness?

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Looking for something good to read? My dear friend Vanessa wrote a really cool short story and it has been published in a modern horror anthology called Read by Dawn, Volume III. Go ahead and click on that link and buy a copy. (I edited the story for Vanessa, so I can tell you, it’s really, really good!) You’ll get a great bunch of stories by authors you haven’t read before, and you’ll be supporting a girl who is following her dream.

Gender Shmender

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

My friend Vanessa and I had this very long, drawn-out discussion of the influence of dolls on young girls, and of marketing of sexualized toys to girls, etc. the other night over margaritas. Yes, I do most of my sorting out of world problems while under the influence of alcohol. To make a long story short, we are both very concerned about the media and other outside influences on our daughters, and about how we can minimize these influences in their lives.

The funny thing? I didn’t need to be worrying about my daughter at all. She doesn’t give a shit yet which bib I put on her at the dinner table. Rollie, though? The morning after margaritas with Vanessa, I asked him to put a bib on before breakfast, and walk over to the table to find him wearing Tiller’s Disney Princesses bib. He then proceeded to put his Bass Pro Shops hat on Tiller and appropriated her white Easter hat, the one with the big white bow, for the ride to school.

Ain’t nobody gonna put my kids in a gender pigeonhole. Nobody.