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Yellow Supernova

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

So, I had slacked a little in my running over the holidays. I was just a little burned out after training for the half marathon that I ran on Thanksgiving. And then Christmas came along, and family, and stress eating, and mom’s buckeyes, and, well, it turned into a free-for-all of sloth and gluttony. After the New Year, I meant to get back on a regular schedule of exercise and decent eating, and I did, about halfway through January. (Okay, two thirds.)

I realized the other day after doing a run on the treadmill that it wasn’t just getting back into the exercise that was making me hurt; it was my old shoes. I think you are supposed to replace running shoes something like every 500 miles, or 4-6 months. Um. . . .uh-oh. I had been using the same shoes for over a year. What finally clued me in was the rather large PIECE OF PLASTIC GOUGING THROUGH THE CLOTH IN THE HEEL OF MY SHOE AND INTO MY ACTUAL HEEL. I am pretty quick on the uptake, don’t you know? That combined with my propensity for frugality, resulted in me almost never buying new shoes.


Life in the Biz

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

One of the fun things about having a husband in the biz is that after shoots, we get our pick from the wardrobe. Now, sometimes it is crap, but yesterday’s haul was better than usual. Except that two pairs of the cute shoes were not even remotely big enough to fit me. These Vision Street Wear sneaks were, though!
The other fun part is that sometimes the crap is funny crap, which we then proceed to dress up* in. Like this Addidas track suit in Todd’s size, and also the completely blinged-out Marc Jacobs watch. You can’t tell in the picture, but it has huge rhinestone-like stones around the face of the watch.
*Big props to T for humoring me and dressing up in wardrobe, despite being late for sneak preview of 28 Weeks Later with Ned.