Crikker’s Wedding

We spent the weekend in Auburn for Todd’s friend Crikker’s wedding. Todd and I dropped the kids off at my in-laws’ house on Friday afternoon. We headed into Auburn, checked into our hotel, and the weekend began! Friday night, we grabbed pizza and beer, then went to Iain and Noelle’s. Here are some of my favorite pics from the evening:… Read more →

Boy Eats Corndog

Todd, Rollie, Tiller, and I checked out the Corndogorama this past weekend. One word will sum it up: HOT. Very, very hot. So hot that matilda and I quickly retired to the nearest coffee shop for an iced coffee. (Matilda digested a magazine.) That’s Mr. Corndog himself, Rollie, at right and below. “Corndogs make me photogenic!” Todd’s favorite new coozie.Corn… Read more →

Dear Diary

I was thinking last night about the exhibitionist nature of blogs. It began with me thinking that I was looking forward to a little writing this morning, as I have found that my daily musings are a great outlet for whatever I have pent up inside me at the time, and that I always feel relieved of it after having… Read more →

Genetic Predestination

This is Rollie in his Batman mask. (He was Batman for last Halloween. I know, not that creative, but people, I had a 23-day-old baby and wasn’t functioning at full capacity. He’s lucky he even got to go trick or treating.)While I was folding laundry in my bedroom yesterday, Rollie was running around in his mask, while Matilda sat on… Read more →

We’re In the Zoo

We renewed our Zoo Atlanta membership again this year. I spent most of last summer chasing Rollie around the zoo. Seems he didn’t really care too much for the animal watching, but was more into picking up sticks, running away from me in crowds (not difficult to do as I was 6 months or more pregnant all of 2005), and… Read more →