My Day

Really didn’t get off to a good start. It is always difficult to get up early and get two kids fed, dressed, shoed, and into the car before 7:30 a.m. Usually, however, the stress of it all can be overcome by an otherwise enjoyable outing, and the day can be salvaged. But there is just not a good way to… Read more →

Weekend in Carolina

I drove up to Charlotte to meet my friend Laura, then the two of us headed over to Winston-Salem to stay with Honey, Slade, and Honey’s Mom, Bonnie, a.k.a. BonBon. We spent Saturday surveying James and Dana’s new compound (including deer stand and four-wheeler). I’m exhausted, so without further ado, here are some pics. Honey and Laura Honey’s Bitchin’ Jukebox… Read more →

Rollie and Owen Wilson

In the mornings, we often check the news for the headlines, then I read the New York Times and skim the Atlanta Journal-Constitution while Todd watches The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Rollie eats his cereal and Tiller sits on the floor playing. Sometimes something on the television will catch Rollie’s eye and he will comment on it. This morning,… Read more →

Nine Months

Or, more accurately, “Holy Shit! We Kept Yet Another One Alive For a Full Nine Months!” I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but you have strange eyes. They are brown in the middle near the pupil, blue/gray on the outside of the iris. My eyes are the same way, except mine are green with brown in… Read more →

God and Country

My favorite picture, by far, from our weekend in Alabama. This is a local church there. Growing up, Todd and his friends referred to this church as both “Six Flags over Jesus” and “Fort God.” Much to my amusement, they still refer to it that way. It is a fairly imposing structure, standing dark and faux-gothic over the corner lot… Read more →


It is strange how I can build someone or something up in my head, so that it almost becomes monstrous, without there being much reason for all of the analysis and dread and dislike. Then, in one short space of time, a fog will lift (or sanity will return) and suddenly i realize with distinct clarity, that all of my… Read more →

Crikker’s Wedding

We spent the weekend in Auburn for Todd’s friend Crikker’s wedding. Todd and I dropped the kids off at my in-laws’ house on Friday afternoon. We headed into Auburn, checked into our hotel, and the weekend began! Friday night, we grabbed pizza and beer, then went to Iain and Noelle’s. Here are some of my favorite pics from the evening:… Read more →

Boy Eats Corndog

Todd, Rollie, Tiller, and I checked out the Corndogorama this past weekend. One word will sum it up: HOT. Very, very hot. So hot that matilda and I quickly retired to the nearest coffee shop for an iced coffee. (Matilda digested a magazine.) That’s Mr. Corndog himself, Rollie, at right and below. “Corndogs make me photogenic!” Todd’s favorite new coozie.Corn… Read more →