Playgroup Goes to the Zoo

Matilda, Rollie and I invited our friends Camille and Tara and their kids to the zoo yesterday. It was hot as Hades, but pregnant Tara was a trooper, and it really wore the kids out. (Always a good thing.) Tiller and Julianne, keeping cool in the shade Charla and Rollie in the gorilla house Chase looks on the Willie B… Read more →

Pool Party

Yesterday, Rollie, Matilda, and I journeyed up to North Georgia (okay, Alpharetta) to go swimming at Dusty and Tara’s neighborhood pool. Tara and Natalie, fearless moms Matilda shows concern at poolTara and Kim seek shadeAnna BobannaJulianne – Pretty girl’s eyesMy four sorry attempts at getting a shot of the older kids; Just like herding cats.(From left: Rollie, Beau, Carmella, Chase,… Read more →

Rollieism, Part II

Overheard today, near the child’s potty in our downstairs bathroom: Me: “Rollie, do you need to go potty?”Rollie: “Yes.”[Takes excruciatingly long time to pull down pants and pullups. Sits down on potty.]Me: “Are you peeing or pooping?”Rollie: “Peeing. The poop is sleeping in my butt.”Me: “Ah. I see.” Thanks to Aunt Lisa, by the way, for teaching him to say… Read more →


Rollie has been saying some really funny stuff lately. A few gems: Me: “Rollie, do you want to go swimming at Aunt Lisa’s today?”Rollie: “No.”Me: “Why not?”Rollie: “Lisa drinks.*”*Rollie is not very observant of his surroundings, or he would realize that Mama and Dada drink way more than Aunt Lisa does. Me: “Rollie, what is your sister’s name?”Rollie: “Tilda.”Me: “What… Read more →


The discomfort of pregnancy, two months of nausea, the pain of labor. The sleepless nights, and the constant crying and whining. Scaring the bejeesus out of me by coming down with RSV at eight weeks old. The pinching and hair-pulling and scratching. (Must you be so quintessentially girl?) The near-constant smothering need to be held by someone, preferably me. A… Read more →