Boy, We Don’t Party Like We Used To. . . .

In keeping with my recent rambles down memory lane, I attended a get-together at the lovely Doug and Steph Bachman home. Attendees included a number of characters from my youth and young adulthood, as well as a dazzling array of snacks and desserts, including the dreaded-by-dieters, light-as-air, Rice Krispie treat. I am proud to say that I declined all sweets,… Read more →


While coming up with the stats for my previous post, I experienced complete music nostalgia. I was viewing all of the albums we own for a particular year, and thinking, “Oh, yeah! That was a fucking awesome year! I bought this and that, and damn! That is a total classic album now, but it was just a weekly purchase for… Read more →

2 Months of Miss Tilda

I can’t believe Matilda has been with us for two months already (9 weeks tomorrow). She has already become a part of the family and i can’t remember what it was like to have just one child. Matilda’s 2 month well-baby checkup was yesterday. We had to wait for 45 minutes before being called back, and by the time we… Read more →

My Sick Little Girl

CRAP. Rollie came down with the cough, runny nose, low-grade fever last weekend. He still has the runny nose. Todd took care of rollie, and I manned Matilda in hopes that we wouldn’t give her his cold, but she started coughing on Sat. I was at my Mom’s in Warner Robins. I just figured it was a cold and kept… Read more →