A couple of things . . .

First of all, has anyone else noticed that one of the little musical interludes on Noggin sounds scarily like the Six Feet Under theme? (I know that this is not that likely, as the audience overlap is probably slim to none. You can hear the SFU theme here.) Secondly, Oh. My. God. I have been sitting around feeling guilty and… Read more →

I’m all riled up again

I have been feeling guilty about not updating Dogwood Girl regularly this month. I have been busy, sick, out of town, blahblahblah. Or maybe it is just that i haven’t been really, really angry in a while. It seems that anger is what usually compels me to blog, and boy did I ever this morning on Atlanta Metblogs. It is… Read more →


Why is it that the following happens the morning after I drank a bottle of wine and stayed up until midnight? I have a sleepless night after the alcohol dies on me (to quote my batty late Aunt Dot). I get an upset stomach at 5:30 a.m., can’t fall back asleep, but make a vain attempt anyway. Matilda wakes up… Read more →

Playgroup Goes to the Zoo

Matilda, Rollie and I invited our friends Camille and Tara and their kids to the zoo yesterday. It was hot as Hades, but pregnant Tara was a trooper, and it really wore the kids out. (Always a good thing.) Tiller and Julianne, keeping cool in the shade Charla and Rollie in the gorilla house Chase looks on the Willie B… Read more →