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There is no sweeter sound than the sound of one’s child and husband singing “Jingle Bells” together. I keep on thinking we should cancel the whole Christmas season, what with all the extra work it creates, but I don’t really mean it. Christmas has not been this magical for me since the horror of finding out about Santa. That is… Read more →

Todd, Collector

So, just when I think that my very own packrattage cannot get any worse, and that Todd will probably throw me out on my derriere, God sends me this little gem. . . . When we were selling our house in East Atanta, we put a ton of stuff in storage, just to clean it up and “stage” it so… Read more →

Birthday Braves Game

Birthday Braves GameOriginally uploaded by Dogwood Girl Video of Rollie showing off his new Braves hat and shirt, and talking about his birthday gift – a trip to the Ted! It was Tim Hudson bobblehead night at the stadium. Rollie got one for himself and brought one home to Tiller, too! Rollie thought the seats were pretty good as he… Read more →

Time to Make the Pizza

I kind of thought that my brother-in-law was a really smart guy. He writes books about development languages and I think he is getting his PHd on the side, but i am not really sure, because he is modest and quiet and doesn’t really talk about it. We would not have known he published the book if my sister-in-law didn’t… Read more →

I am in love

With goats. Todd makes fun of me, because I just love goats. I mean, first of all, they taste good. Second of all, they keep down weeds. I have loved them since I was a little girl, with their wispy, eccentric-looking beards. Those spindly legs. That funny, angry noise they make. They come in all colors. I always tell Todd… Read more →