Daisies’ Bridging Ceremony

I know. I have been terrible about writing on my blog. Someone told me the other day that they worked with a girl who knew me because she reads my blog? And i thought, “damn. She must be really bored.” Anyway, here are some photos from the first grade bridging ceremony last week. Kindergarteners like Tiller received a diploma, and… Read more →


Spring Break 2012

We did the Spring Break thing. A few days on Hilton Head (Todd had a shoot this week: Bad advertising world! Bad!) and then we did the lake for Easter with the whole family. About 24 hours of my family in one small 2BR lakehouse is all I can take, no matter how much I love them. I think this… Read more →

Photographic Black Hole for 90’s Music Lovers (of My Ilk)

I don’t even know how I stumbled on this bunch of photos (mostly polaroids, for which i have a special weakness). It was one of those things where you click on a friend’s facebook link or Google something and find something unrelated but cool, go down a rabbit hole of interestingness, and find yourself sitting there an hour later wondering… Read more →