Cool Stuff

Tiller’s Latest Song

Rollie likes to invent wind machines to scare people. Tiller likes to make up songs. I am not kidding when I say that my jaw often drops at the inventiveness of her lyrics. This latest song was performed on my patio yesterday afternoon. I missed the first few lines, but todd and I are getting better at catching her songs… Read more →

Estate Sale Friday!

Found a cute spring purse! And Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits! A tambourine! A pot rack! A screen door. (ok, actually, I pulled that out of someone’s trash the other day.) And la piece de resistance: six porcelain Santa heads (and arms)! It was a good day. Excuse the screwed up images. . .too tired to fix them! Read more →

What are you going to be?

Tiller and I were sitting on the love toilets this afternoon. (That’s what we call our Jack and Jill toilets, right by each other, but separated by a door. You can hold hands while taking a poo. Love toilets.) Me: “What ya been doing?” T: “I’m playing doctor with Snoopy.” Me: “Are you going to be a Doctor when you… Read more →