This Week in Dogwood Girl

Is just kinda dark and confused, and not really ready to be written about at all. Some things suck and are nebulous and I just can’t put them into words without it all coming out completely wrong. It will all come out. I just don’t know when. Just didn’t want everyone to think i fell off the face of the… Read more →

The Times Have Changed

Last night, I took a night away from the kids and had a burger at the EARL (best burgers in America!) and then hit the coffee shop to write for a little while. Over dinner on the sidewalk, I read Todd’s Men’s Journal. There was an article about the 50 Best Places to Live. Two Atlanta towns were on the… Read more →


So. 35. I kind of thought it would feel different, but it doesn’t. It feels like any other day. I guess when I was 15 or 20, 35 sounded really old to me. The reality of 35, though, is that I feel 25, with all of the insecurities and fears about the future that I always had. I don’t feel… Read more →